Anxious Girls Do It Better

By Bunny Banyai

Book cover image - Anxious Girls Do It Better
Anxious Girls Do It Better covers everything you need to know when travel designates anxiety as your (invisible) excess baggage. The third in the Girls Guide to the World series, this book contains practical advice from both travel and psychology experts, alongside the author's own experiences of juggling holiday fun with a mixed bag of neuroses.

You don't need an official diagnosis of anxiety to get something out of this book. Perhaps you're simply nervous at the idea of parting with a wad of cash in exchange for three weeks at the beach. Or maybe you're feeling rattled by the Covid-19 pandemic, which doesn't make you someone with an anxiety disorder, but rather a normal human being. Visiting any unknown destination with only a wheelie bag for company could induce anxiety in a bar fridge.
Whether you're making tentative plans for future travel, or simply want to explore a bit of the world beyond your own backyard, Anxious Girls Do It Better will give you the confidence to push forward and plan your next trip. After all, there's only so much you can learn about the world while bingeing Netflix and eating pretzels in the bath. And hey, what's the worst thing that could happen?*
*everything, LOL
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Publish date
01 December 2021

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