Birds of Australia Puzzle

By Tania McCartney

Book cover image - Birds of Australia Puzzle
Take flight around Australia with this aviary of feathered friends – plucked from skies, trees, grasslands, and our vast and varied landscapes – and presented in this 252-piece, illustrated puzzle.

With the Birds of Australia Puzzle, you can discover the emu of our red-earth deserts and the cassowary of our lush tropical rainforests. There's the pesky seagull of our beaches, the warbling magpie of our suburban front yards and the shy albatross soaring through our deep ocean skies.

Revel in the beauty of our natural wonders, and keep busy for hours, with this inspiring puzzle.

Puzzle measurements are 570mm x 810mm.
In Stock
$24.99 RRP
Publish date
19 August 2020
Australia, Games

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