Château de Haroué

By Victoria Botana de Beauvau

Book cover image - Château de Haroué
Located in a remote village in the Lorraine region of northeastern France, the estate of Château de Haroué is an unrivalled treasure of Gallic culture and heritage. Built between 1720 and 1729 for Marc de Beauvau, Prince de Beauvau-Craon, constable of Lorraine and viceroy of Tuscany, his descendants have inhabited the castle and kept it going in high style ever since.
Throughout the pages of this volume, readers are invited to discover the château’s impressive architecture and fashionably chic interior design. Newly commissioned photographs by leading interiors photographer Miguel Flores-Vianna alongside archival documents offer unprecedented access to 82 sumptuous rooms, which are enlivened by dynamic tapestries and family portraits, a breathtaking artwork collection, and stately antique furniture. Informative texts by Victoria Botana de Beauvau, one of France’s preeminent modern-day aristocrats and an It girl in Parisian society, paint a picture of the castle’s architectural splendours, lifestyle, notable events, and her family’s unique approach to keeping history alive – all published in an exquisitely crafted book, with creative direction by Peter Copping, worthy of this stunning property.
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01 December 2021

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