Destination Wellness

By Annie Daly

Book cover image - Destination Wellness
True well-being isn't hard to find. You just have to know where to look. Destination Wellness combines travelogue, narrative journalism, and a relatable search for health and happiness to reveal a diverse array of philosophies, lifestyles, and practices for better living.

Health and travel journalist Annie Daly combines on-the-ground reporting and personal narrative to explore off-the-beaten-path philosophies and practices for better living around the globe, as an antidote to America's toxic wellness industry. She travels to Jamaica, Brazil, Japan, India, Norway, and Hawaii to learn why their inhabitants are so much healthier and happier, and what we can learn from them. While these traditions may appear to have little in common, their roots provide an essential truth: living well isn't a trend-or a competition, and it certainly isn't something you can buy.
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Publish date
16 June 2021

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