Feel Good Smoothies

By Sandra Wu

Book cover image - Feel Good Smoothies
There's nothing easier than whipping up a delicious smoothie. And even better, it's a foolproof way to get the vital nutrients your body needs in a drinkable, no-fuss meal. This colourful book takes a casual approach to smoothies – there's no need to buy any crazy supplements, powders, or mixes. Every drink featured here relies on the magical flavours and health benefits of ingredients you can find in any grocery store or specialty market. From perfect breakfast boosts to relaxing tropical blends, post-workout cooling drinks, and treat-yourself desserts without the guilt, there are endless ways to sip your way to feeling good. Each recipe has a little badge that notes its main benefit: Digestion, Relax, Energy, Immunity, and more. Also included is a handy guide to the main ingredients found in this collection so you can build up your blending skills and imagine up your own drinks.
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Publish date
30 April 2022
Food & Drink

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