Minty Mae Gray and the Strangely Good Day

By Fifi Box

Book cover image - Minty Mae Gray and the Strangely Good Day
Minty Mae Gray is having a very bad day. A girl in her class made some rude remarks about how she looks, and poor Minty is crushed.
But just as she’s sinking into the depths of despair, something odd happens … the unicorn picture on Minty’s wall COMES TO LIFE!
Led by her lovable, pink-spotted unicorn friend, Minty sets off on a magical journey through some of history’s greatest works of art.
As she meets the subjects of these great paintings, and the artists behind them, Minty comes to realise that true beauty comes from the inside, and that she’s perfect just the way she is.
This warm, funny and incredibly empowering book from superstar creators Fifi Box and Freda Chiu will encourage young readers to feel comfortable in their own skin, and help spread the message that beauty isn’t skin-deep. Readers will cheer along with the irrepressible Minty as she learns how to let her sparkle shine!
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$20.99 RRP
Publish date
13 October 2021

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