Runway Bird

By Irina Lazareanu

Book cover image - Runway Bird
Blending attitude, experience, and edgy fashion essentials, model and musician Irina Lazareanu decrypts the essence of rock n' roll chic in this must-have guide. If you could saunter down the runway and slip backstage on the heels of Irina Lazareanu's wispy frame, who would you meet, what antics would ensue, and what on earth would you wear? Irina--Karl Lagerfeld's muse, Kate Moss's BFF, and Pete Dougherty's former fiancee--introduces you to her inner circle--models, fashion designers, editors, Hollywood starlets, and rockers--to pilfer the secrets of their individually cool and universally coveted rock 'n' roll style. The captivating Romanian-Canadian fashion model-cum-folk singer details wardrobe tips and essentials, including dos and don'ts for creating your own folk, retro, punk, or glam rock look. In scrapbook collages and lively anecdotes from her life on the fashion and rock concert circuits, Irina shares sartorial nuggets in easy-to-adapt tips that will give your threads--and attitude--a rock 'n' roll edge. Filled with style tips illustrated with examples, this book covers key facets of Lazareanu's rock n' roll persona: her fashion family of models and designers, her exploits on the party and music scene, and her idiosyncratic style tips and obsessions. She shares fashion tips from her fellow runway birds, offers valuable insights from her work with designers including Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel's Virginie Viard, and Marc Jacobs, and shares wild stories and killer looks from friends from Babyshambles front man and ex-fiance Pete Doherty, Mark Ronson and the late Amy Winehouse, to Lindsay Lohan, Sean Lennon, and Yoko Ono. Against the backdrop of humorous stories and the encounters that shaped her personal style, Irina divulges the keys to rock n' roll style. A veritable scrapbook of fashion, celebrity antics, and a VIP pass behind the curtain of the catwalk.
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Publish date
31 March 2022

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