Signs of the Zodiac Card Deck

By Carlota Santos

Book cover image - Signs of the Zodiac Card Deck
A deck of 50 beautifully illustrated cards that takes readers on a journey of self-exploration by zodiac sign, adapted from Signs of the Zodiac by Carlota Santos.

Adapted from Signs of the Zodiac by author and artist Carlota Santos, 50 beautifully illustrated cards take readers on a journey of self-discovery following the wisdom of the stars. Included are sign profiles that cover each sign’s innate qualities, virtues, and flaws, as well as representative tarot cards (the justice card for Libra and temperance for Sagittarius), amulets to balance each sign’s qualities (Scorpios should always carry an iron or steel key, as it will attract material wealth and the emotional and financial security they crave), and rituals to nurture positive traits (Leos create an amulet designed to protect themselves from envy, while Cancers are instructed to follow a pre-cleaning ritual designed to rid themselves of doubt and encourage perseverance). With its friendly tone and easily transportable, gift-y format, this card set will be the perfect companion on a night out with a friend or conversation starter at dinner parties.
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Publish date
07 September 2022

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