Story of Mini

By Ben Custard

Book cover image - Story of Mini
Touching on the Mini's impact on pop culture, as well as the racing heritage cultivated by the legendary John Cooper, and filled with imagery and commentary, The Story of Mini charts the history of this beloved brand. The Story of Mini is a pocket-sized and beautifully illustrated celebration of the iconic car. For more than 60 years, the Mini has been one of the most beloved and instantly recognisable cars on the road. From its humble beginnings with the British Motor Corporation in 1959, to the modern BMW-backed models of today, The Story of Mini tells the story of the car and the unique culture that has built up around it. Exploring the evolution of Mini design from the original two-door model - the most popular British car of all time - through to the diverse range of Minis available today, this book is an exceptionally designed tribute to the marque, and the people who helped create it.
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Publish date
01 December 2021

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