The Golf Book

By Dorling Kindersley

Book cover image - The Golf Book
A colourful overview of one of the world's most popular sports - from its history to how to master your stroke and improve your handicap Discover the history of one of the world's most popular sports, and learn how to master the perfect swing along the way. Find out all there is to know about golf, from its ancient origins to its most celebrated competitions. Learn about the turning points and winning strokes of the most famous championships ever played - from the Open to the Curtis Cup. Bringing you face-to-face with the stars, such as Tiger Woods, The Golden Bear, and The Shark, entries analyse their trademark strokes and detail their finest performances. Showing you exactly what it takes to achieve an effective - and consistent - golf swing, this book also walks you through the fairways of all the pre-eminent courses, while working systematically through every type of shot, from tee shots, iron play, pitching, and chipping, to coping with bunkers and putting. Learn the sport's key rules and golfing terms, and discover everything you need to know about how to buy the right equipment - from drivers to carts, along with guidance on custom fitting - and the all-important golf etiquette. Brimming with detail and superbly illustrated with over 1,500 photographs, illustrations, maps, and diagrams, The Golf Book is the definitive guide to the famous Novelty for players and fans alike.
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Publish date
31 August 2021

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