A Most Mysterious Manor

By Megan Hess

Book cover image - A Most Mysterious Manor
Best-selling illustrator Megan Hess shines in this astonishing new collection of original fairy tales about young girls discovering their own power. Each enchanting story will be set in a decadent faraway land, with uplifting themes that will resonate with young girls – and no Prince Charmings!  
Stories stitched and spun with gold, in far-off lands, forever told.
From tiny huts to kingdoms wide, every girl has a Queen inside.

In A Most Mysterious Manor, a girl called Poppy Grace has been dreadfully bored since her best friend Bella went away. They used to do everything together! But Poppy’s boredom turns to wonder when something strange happens in her manor. What will she discover?
A surprising and mischievous fairy tale about independence, with a twist!
Not Yet Published
$26.99 RRP
Publish date
05 July 2023

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