Agak Agak

By Shu Han Lee

Book cover image - Agak Agak
"A vibrant joyous book! Shu has captured not just the richness and diversity of Singaporean food - through this book she is inviting you into her kitchen to share all the happiness that food brings to her life." – Asma Khan

"The book I wish I had written." – Meera Sodha

In Singapore, cooking the agak agak way is cooking with intent and intuition.

‘Agak agak’ is a colloquial term rooted in the Malay word for ‘somewhat’. This term comes to life especially in the home kitchen, where cooks rely on their senses and experience, rather than tools or exact formulas.

Singaporean cuisine, as we know it today, has come from a long history of adjusting and adapting and doing things ‘to taste’. In Agak Agak, Shu Han Lee encapsulates this approach to cooking by sharing delicious recipes that bring punchy Singaporean flavours to simple home cooking, whilst encouraging you to use these recipes as inspiration to create other dishes.

Try classic and modern recipes such as Kaya Toast with Half-Boiled Eggs, Nasi Goreng, 8-hour Ox Cheek Rendang, Green Beans with Turmeric and Toasted Coconut, Chilli Crab Spaghetti, Mum’s Steamed Pumpkin Rice, Pandan Swiss Roll and Black Sticky Rice Pudding with Rhubarb, amongst others.

With tips and tricks, Agak Agak shares more than Singaporean recipes perfect for home cooks, it shares a fun, fresh and creative way of cooking.
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03 July 2024
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