Bake It. Slice It. Eat It.

By The Exploding Bakery

Book cover image - Bake It. Slice It. Eat It.

One pan, over 90 unbeatable recipes and a lot of fun.

A whole load of tasty cake recipes – from knockout carrot cake, banana bread, tiffin, crumble cake and cheesecake to an irresistible array of brownies – awaits you here and they're all made in one size of brownie tin.

Start simple and work your way up to experimenting with new flavour combinations, different flours and seasonal ingredients if the mood takes you. What's important is that these recipes are for everyone who's serious about delicious cake.

If you're after homemade cake, but without the need for fancy equipment, expert decorating skills and five spare hours, Bake It. Slice It. Eat It. is the cookbook for you. There are gluten-free options, healthier ideas, and more advanced ones, too, so there's something for every occasion.

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07 September 2022
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