BBQ For All

By Marcus Bawdon

Book cover image - BBQ For All

For barbecue supremo and teacher Marcus Bawdon, outdoor cooking should always be tempting and exciting, whatever your food choices. And it doesn’t always have to be about huge slabs of meat! This book will inspire you to pull together feasts that are guaranteed to wow your friends and family, regardless of their dietary preferences or requirements. The art of barbecue has taken off around the globe, and Marcus has travelled widely to experience many unusual and exciting methods first-hand – from South America to Japan, Italy to India. Here he takes inspiration from a wealth of culinary influences to demonstrate how far cooking with fire has come and how flavoursome it can be, even for those with a specific dietary need. Here the doors of Marcus’ UK BBQ School have been thrown wide open so you can see in glorious technicolour in his own stunning photographs what is possible, to encourage you to take giant leaps forward on your own barbecue at home. Included are recipes for meat and seafood, as well as vegetarian and vegan recipes and options. Also shared is advice on buying (or building) barbecues, tips on cooking technique, and guidance on honing your skills. BBQ is a real journey, and there is no better teacher than Marcus.

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Publish date
22 March 2023
Food & Drink

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