Beach Life

By Lauren Liess

Book cover image - Beach Life
In Beach Life, bestselling author Lauren Liess picks up where Feels Like Home left off to explore the feelings associated with living that coastal life. Casual, soulful, thoughtful, nostalgic, inspiring, relaxing-Liess shows how you can bring these vibes into your home to experience a little beach getaway wherever you are. Full of interior design advice, radiant photography, memorable stories, lifestyle moments, seasonal recipes, and coastal culture, this book will give readers an escape into nature, sunshine, and sand. With case studies of five different homes, from a cottage in Martha's Vineyard to a dune house to a charming beach cabin, it's the perfect guide to creating your haven on the beach. It's an exploration and a savoring of the joy, tranquility, and peace we universally feel at the beach, urging you to wander, rethink, and recalibrate along the shore. Inspired by the mood and mindset of our beach selves, Beach Life urges us to not only live beautifully but give in to the demands of the ocean and live as freely as we live on vacation all the time!
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Publish date
18 July 2024

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