Beauty in Bloom

By Debi Shapiro

Book cover image - Beauty in Bloom
The Art of Movement meets The John Derian Picture Book in this breathtakingly collection of intimate and exquisitely detailed floral portraits by photographer and Instagram favourite Debi Shapiro. A poppy bud captured moments before blossoming. A statuesque tuberose as if carved out of alabaster. A pair of delicate pink dahlias joined like two starfish floating in the sea. Beauty in Bloom is the debut collection of work by Debi Shapiro, a visual artist who creates beautiful imagery inspired by her two passions-flowers and photography. More than 200 floral portraits in this exquisite book capture the depth and luminosity of a single bloom to lush bouquets with breath-taking intimacy and vibrant energy. Every translucent petal, tender green stem, and grain of pollen shimmers with painterly detail reminiscent of the works of the great botanical artists and engravers of the eighteenth century. From the bold crimson beauty of an Oriental poppy to the seductive lure of a pink Protea peeking out from behind its thick foliage to the timeless classic beauty of a garden rose, it's a flower lover's dream. Debi's work truly makes every bloom a leading lady.
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Publish date
13 February 2024

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