Buzz, Hiss, SNAP!

By Megan McKean

Book cover image - Buzz, Hiss, SNAP!
You know the redback spider but have you met the golden-tailed gecko? There are thirteen native Australian insects and reptiles to play with in Megan McKean's new game Buzz, Hiss, SNAP! Other animals include the blue-tongue lizard, frill-neck lizard, Australian tiger moth, Christmas beetle, tiger snake, blue-banded bee, tree goanna, corroboree frog, bulloak jewel butterfly, green tree python and funnel-web spider. With four different groups of animals, Snap! by Megan McKean brings together a native lineup of animals big and small. Big cards for little hands make this series extra fun! Up for a challenge? Each game in the series can be joined together to form a larger playing deck.
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Publish date
28 December 2021

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