Chateau Reawakening

By Tim Holding

Book cover image - Chateau Reawakening
Chateau Reawakening is the story of the highs and lows of one couple’s journey to save an eighteenth century French chateau.
When former Australian politician Tim Holding and his fiancee Felicity Selkirk discovered a crumbling French chateau just south of the Loire Valley, they could not have imagined the crazy adventure that would follow.
Recklessly committing their life savings and mastering new skills along the way, Tim and Felicity uncover Chateau de Purnon’s intriguing past while working to safeguard her future. Guided by one of France’s foremost heritage architects and assisted by bemused locals, this is a story of optimism in the face of sometimes overwhelming odds.
Documented through Tim’s pithy diary entries over two and a half years and accompanied by breathtaking photography, this is both a compelling read and a visually arresting tribute to a truly unique restoration. Chateau Reawakening is about daring to dream on the grandest scale.
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Publish date
01 November 2023

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