CHOCOLATE DESSERTS: Over 100 Essential Recipes for the Chocolate Lover

By Cider Mill Press

Book cover image - CHOCOLATE DESSERTS: Over 100 Essential Recipes for the Chocolate Lover
Creamy, smooth, dark, nutty, light--this decadent collection of over 100 recipes is irresistible to chocolate lovers everywhere. Chocolate is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen. The most beloved of all sweet-related flavors, it is the only one that rightfully deserves the addiction signifier of "-holic" appended to it. Whether it be milk, dark, sweet, bitter, or white, the array of flavors that chocolate provides--and the number of desserts this versatility can carry--has captured the palates and hearts of people across the globe. This collection contains perfect morning pastries, showstopping sweets, tempting baked goods, and more. With easy-to-follow instructions and helpful tips and techniques for more advanced preparations, this cookbook ensures you'll have sweet perfection every time. Inside you'll find: Chocolate & Almond Crinkle Cookies German Chocolate Cake Dark Chocolate & Stout Brownies White Chocolate Almond Bars Chocolate Mousse Pie Pain au Chocolat Black Forest Trifle with Preserved Cherries & Cocoa Crumble White Chocolate Tart Chocolate Souffl Chocolate & Cinnamon Brioche Chocolate Fettuccine with Pecan & Caramel Sauce The rare ingredient that is as comfortable playing with others as it is standing on its own, it's quite possible that chocolate is responsible for putting more smiles on people's faces than any other food. No chocolate-lover's library is complete without Chocolate Desserts.
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01 December 2023
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