Choosing Love

By Meredith Gaston Masnata

Book cover image - Choosing Love
Acclaimed artist and author Meredith Gaston Masnata’s Choosing Love will open you to love: love for self, love for others, romantic love, love of life and love for everything in our world. Through advice, meditations and practical exercises, Meredith shows us how to embrace opportunities and step into our miraculous world of love. 
Living a life of love begins with building on our wellbeing. By sustaining joy and inspiration and by paying mindful attention to ourselves and our world, we can expect our lives to flourish. When we nourish ourselves we can be there for others, with compassion and understanding. When we allow ourselves to shine, we grant others permission to do the same. We needn't go through our day-to-day lives feeling alone or isolated – the joy of love is all around us.
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Publish date
17 November 2021

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