Coco Rules

By Katherine Ormerod

Book cover image - Coco Rules
Coco Rules takes 30 quotes from the inimitable Coco Chanel and translates them into modern, practical style rules to live by.

With her trademark acerbic wit and no-nonsense attitude, Coco Chanel has always been a wonderfully entertaining source on matters of life and style. Coco Rulesgathers her words of wisdom on both fashion and empowerment and uses them to provide solutions to many of the style-based conundrums you might encounter, as well as inspiration on how to be the very best version of yourself – strong, fearless and confident – no matter what you wear.
Written by acclaimed fashion journalist Katherine Ormerod, each rule is accompanied by a bold and stylish illustration from Carolina Melis.
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Publish date
07 September 2022

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