Cosmic Rituals

By Alison Davies

Book cover image - Cosmic Rituals

With a focused chapter for each star sign, Cosmic Rituals covers everything from hints and tips for self-care, and de-stressing, to mindful meditations and techniques to help you feel energised and ready for anything. There’s herbal healing to soothe the soul, and sleep rituals to get you in the Zzz-zone, plus a selection of mantras to help you get up and glow.

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to taking care of yourself, but your star sign provides a blueprint, which you can work with. Whether you’re a tenacious bull who prefers routine or a sensitive crab that takes on the world’s woes, the character traits associated with each sign mean you’ll need a unique approach to selfcare and wellbeing.

There really is no better way to find your sparkle, than by looking to the stars!

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Publish date
01 June 2022

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