Eighteen Summers

By Penny Harrison

Book cover image - Eighteen Summers

Let me tell you a tale of the stars and the sea,
of adventures we’ll have as you grow, wild and free.
For the days may drift past, but the years will sail by,
and we’ve just eighteen summers to share, you and I …
From beloved storytellers Penny Harrison and Leila Rudge comes a tender and timeless ode to the unbreakable bond between parent and child, and a celebration of the moments that weave together to become eighteen summers to treasure.

'Bound to bring tears to parents’ eyes, [Eighteen Summers] is a must-have book in every family’s library, one to be treasured and shared year after year. This book is a classic in the making … for fans of Kissed by the Moon and Guess How Much I Love You.' Books + Publishing

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Publish date
01 November 2023

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