First Mate Lenny

By Elayna Carausu

Book cover image - First Mate Lenny
Ahoy! Come on board as little Lenny learns the ropes of life at sea. In the cabin of a home on the sea, Mama leans over Lenny. 'Welcome,' she whispers, as lapping waves rock the boat like a cradle. For little Lenny, life at sea is one big adventure. There are dolphins and turtles, tropical islands and sandy beaches all waiting to be discovered. There are storms and other things that seem scary or new, too. But Lenny soon learns to be brave and to love sailing around the world with his loving family. Elayna Carausu sails the world and shares her adventures on Sailing la Vagabonde. Here is a tribute to Lenny, her first child and first mate, and their shared love of the sea.
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Publish date
24 January 2024

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