Floral Provisions

By Cassie Winslow

Book cover image - Floral Provisions
Sweeten your everyday meals and treats with this whimsical cookbook where flowers take a starring role. Floral Provisions makes incorporating edible flowers into dishes and desserts an easy task – with gorgeous and delicious results. Enjoy Rose Petal French Toast, Raspberry Elderflower Scones, A Floral Cheese Board, Garden Party Layer Cake, or any of these fragrant and fabulous recipes, perfect for brunches, picnics, afternoon snacks, or celebrations. Featuring lush photography; recipes for floral pantry staples, like Jasmine Sugar and Lavender Syrup; and tips for finding edible blooms, this cookbook is the ideal gift for anyone who loves flowers, cooking, delicious treats, or all of the above.
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Publish date
30 April 2022
Food & Drink

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