Hey, Are You Okay?

By Marieke De Goeij

Book cover image - Hey, Are You Okay?
Hey Are You Okay? was created by illustrator Marieke De Goieij after she went through her own difficult times. Over 20.000 people have used the Dutch version of the book and many psychologists and psychiatrists use the book in their programs. Now it’s here for you. Marieke guides you through the book with love, humour and patience to help you get back on track, one step at a time. In 5 clear phases she takes you from: 'help, will this ever be ok?' back to peace. Hey, Are You Okay? is a colourful, practical and uplifting book of things to do, that includes tips, tricks, activities and stories that truly helped Marieke back on her feet.

Hand illustrated with lots of love, hope and empty space for all your notes and thoughts. Hey, Are You Okay? can be a journal or workbook for anyone with anxiety, burn-out or depression. It can also be a beautiful gift for someone you care about that’s going through a difficult time. Even when someone is already seeing a psychologist, it can help during the times when you’re on your own.
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Publish date
14 February 2024

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