Hidden Pockets in Kyoto

By Steve Wide

Book cover image - Hidden Pockets in Kyoto

Hidden Pockets in Kyoto is your guide to losing yourself in this Japanese city that seamlessly intertwines modern and traditional influences. Whether you’re satisfying your tastebuds in contemporary cafes, wandering among the untarnished architecture of Gion, or heading back in time while visiting ancient temples and shrines, Kyoto is a captivating city to explore.  

Curated by authors Steve Wide and Michelle Mackintosh, who consider Japan their ‘home away from home’, this travel guide navigates the country’s cultural capital like a local, with chapters for kissatens (coffee shops), gardens, temples, omiyage (local products), mindful experiences and places to enjoy delectable sweets. Build your day with a variety of half-day and full-day itineraries and bask in Kyoto’s seasonal beauty as you explore lantern-lit alleys that reveal the city’s unique precincts, and uncover hidden artisanal treasures and flavours that will challenge and delight your senses.

Venture beyond the metropolis to unearth the heart of the city with this Curious Travel Guide.

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06 March 2024

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