Jiggliest Jellyfish

By Tim Flannery

Book cover image - Jiggliest Jellyfish
Discover the mesmerising world of Jiggliest Jellyfish with explorer and scientist Tim Flannery and his daughter, Emma, as they shine the spotlight on one of the world's most beloved and surprising creatures!

You might think that there’s not much to jellyfish, but this book will make you think again. Did you know that jellyfish can thrive in waters that would suffocate other sea creatures? Or that some jellyfish can flash different colours from purple to green? Or that they have the world’s most powerful venom? There is even a jellyfish that is immortal!

There are more than 2,000 kinds of jellyfish, and they're one of the few creatures that will thrive in warmer waters due to climate change – yikes! So come along on a fascinating expedition with the world-renowned scientist and explorer Tim Flannery and his daughter Emma as they explore the world's weirdest, jiggliest sea-creature family.

This gorgeous large format picture book comes with lush, full-colour illustrations from renowned illustrator Katie Melrose, green foil and tactile grain lamination on the cover – making it the perfect gift for animal lovers and jelly enthusiasts alike!

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$26.99 RRP
Publish date
30 July 2024

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