Low- and No-alcohol Cocktails

By Matthias Giroud

Book cover image - Low- and No-alcohol Cocktails

Each cocktail is an experience built on flavour and scent and can be enjoyed throughout the day. Try Bubble Brunch to start your morning, Peach Break for elevenses, Tokyo Flower as an aperitif, Sunset Time for dinner and Citrus Tonic to finish the night off with a bang (and without the hangover!).

In addition to the recipes, mixologist Matthias Giroud shares his manufacturing secrets, with detailed explanations on cold infusion with and without alcohol, how to prepare syrups and step by step instructions on how to decorate your cocktails with flourish.

This book promises low- or no-alcohol beverages that truly deliver on taste.

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Publish date
04 January 2024
Food & Drink

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