Max’s World of Sandwiches

By Max Halley

Book cover image - Max’s World of Sandwiches
Max’s World of Sandwiches is broken into two sections: sandwiches and components. The sandwich recipes marry the elements in the components section, putting every tip and trick available into world-class sandwiches. The components section will include the key tenets of any sandwich – think bread, sauces, fillings, condiments and adornments of all kinds.

Sandwich recipes range from incredibly easy, such as A Prawn Cocktail Sandwich and A Hot Cross Bun Sandwich with Salted Caramel Ice Cream, to more time-consuming, such as A Porchetta Sandwich and A Tuna Katsu Sando.

Max’s World of Sandwiches enables home cooks to learn all the tips and tricks of sandwiches, and ultimately to create the sandwiches of their dreams.
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Publish date
02 May 2024
Food & Drink

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