Microwave Meals

By Tim Anderson

Book cover image - Microwave Meals
Microwave Meals is full of delicious recipes that are all simple and accessible enough to prepare even on the busiest of weekdays. You can try your hand at Pork with Miso and Stem Ginger Syrup, Spaghetti Carbonara, Jackfruit and Mushroom Enchiladas, Crab and Artichoke Gratin, and even Overnight Cinnamon Rolls and Emergency Mixing Bowl Cookie Cake. Plus, it also covers basic skills, including cooking rice, steaming vegetables and creating stocks, all with the help of the microwave.

The microwave has the capacity to improve and expedite our cooking processes, as well as to save on time, effort, energy and money. Full of tips and tricks, you will learn how to make the microwave your own little sous chef.

Microwave Meals shows you how to let the microwave take care of dinner, so you can take care of yourself.
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02 May 2024
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