My Sticker Paintings: Cars

By Editors of Fox Chapel Publishing

Book cover image - My Sticker Paintings: Cars
Create stunning works of mosaic art with stickers! This distinctive poly-art paint-by sticker book for kids ages 6-10 features a collection of 10 geometric designs of various cars and motorcycles, from a Formula 1 car and a motor cross bike to a stock car, a futuristic car, and more. Using up to 100 colored stickers for each car pattern, place them in the appropriate spot according to its numbered section and watch as the geometric shapes transform into beautiful, crystalized designs. There are also bonus fun facts about each amazing vehicle to enjoy alongside each sticker painting. An entertaining, hands-on activity for kids, this sticker painting book offers an excellent opportunity for developing their focus and attention span. Designs are printed on thick, perforated pages that can easily detach to be displayed or gifted once a painting is completed.
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Publish date
17 January 2024

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