Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen

By Nathan Outlaw

Book cover image - Nathan Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen

The theme is simplicity: discover a world of easy-to-prepare recipes based on sustainable species and easy-to-obtain ingredients. The book takes you through core cooking techniques from raw, cured and smoked to barbecued, baked and grilled, and so much more. In each chapter, Nathan reveals the fish varieties best suited to each technique, plus secrets for simplicity in your own fish kitchen.

Nathan's mouth-watering recipes will have you cooking everything from Scallops with hazelnut butter and watercress to Seafood burgers with celeriac and apple salad. For those buying whole fish – or catching their own – there's even an illustrated step-by-step guide to their preparation, guiding you through every stage of the process.

With this easy-to-use cookbook, you'll be preparing elegant fish dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen in no time.

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Publish date
07 March 2023
Food & Drink

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