Plan, Dream, Reflect Journal

By Katharine Watson

Book cover image - Plan, Dream, Reflect Journal
This stunning journal prompts reflection on the past and intention-setting for the future. Whether you’re working on a big creative project, learning a skill, starting a routine, or putting new habits into practice, this journal is a place to begin the next chapter of your journey.

Divided into three sections to be filled out over three years, this journal offers annually repeating questions that invite you to assess progress and highlights over the past year and to thoughtfully approach goals and dreams for the year ahead. Begin at any point in the year when you feel most reflective. The following year, you’ll answer the same questions and look back on your writing from the past – so that you can reflect on achievements and opportunities for growth.

Luxe foil-stamping and Katharine Watson’s elegant block print artwork make this a wonderful keepsake archive of your progress over three years.
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Publish date
19 July 2023

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