Plant Feasts

By Francesca

Book cover image - Plant Feasts
Return to a natural way of eating and living, connected to the earth and others. Inspired by the author’s journey of overcoming addiction, Plant Feasts is a nourishing plant-based cookbook that shows how slow living with easy food connects us to our planet, and also to ourselves. This journey of love through eclectic dishes draws influence from Frankie's healing journey: from her grandmother's knowledge of plants and folklore to the indigenous wisdom of the Elders and plant-caretaking communities of Latin America, with whom the author lived, to the importance of sharing stories around the table. Discover gluten-free, immune-boosting recipes like Squat Pancakes with Foraged Chia Jam, Green Vibes Soup with Foraged Nettles and Wild Orange Chocolate Ganache Tart. Bring friends, family, communities and strangers together with plant delights like Baked Cauliflower with Massaged Kale Infused with Garlic or a recipe for Sopa de Zapallo with Spicy Pepitas Frankie created with a sustainable community in Latin America. Cook as an act of self-love, with flowers, herbs and vibrant colours, like Warming Beetroot Salad with Spicy Lentils Drizzled with Peanut Ginger Satay, or Balanced Roots with Smoked Garlic Cashew Creme and Edible Flowers .Elevate your spirit with Frankie's iconic tonics and potions, including Grandma's 'Chill The Fuck Out' chicory to sooth the nervous system, Cosmic Potion with medicinal mushrooms, and a tonic for staying up dancing until sunrise. This is not just a cookbook; it is a guide on how to live abundantly, discover more joy and find harmony in a fast-paced world.
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09 April 2024
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