Plants Taste Better: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes from Root to Fruit

By Richard Buckley

Book cover image - Plants Taste Better: Delicious Plant-Based Recipes from Root to Fruit
Create vegan masterpieces with this plant-based recipe book that pushes the envelope in terms of showing you what you can accomplish in your kitchen. From Richard Buckley, prior owner of the first-ever Michelin-starred vegan restaurant, comes this cookbook that explores plants as a basis for creating beautiful dishes. Learn all about the ideal equipment, textures, and colors that Richard looks for when he creates or alters his recipes. Take a closer look into the philosophy and science of cooking plant-based dishes in high-end restaurants. And get exclusive access to simple recipes for 70 dynamic dishes that unleash the powers of the plant. These dynamic and flavorful recipes include: Foccacia Garlic panisse Spiced pineapple Confit tomato salad Baked potato croquetas Asparagus and herb pur e Almond and paprika fritters Carrot, pea and cardamom tagine Chocolate salted caramel tart Fennel and hazelnut salad Parsnip barley risotto Sweet potato crisps Butternut mousse Sweetcorn soup Pistachio p t So roll up your sleeves, and get ready to explore the world of restaurant-quality vegan dishes from the comfort of your own home. Other vegan cookbooks rarely, if ever, delve into the type of sophisticated cuisine that is available in cookbooks with meat and fish dishes. Plants Taste Better addresses this twofold: by introducing seventy stunning recipes that take vegetable cooking to a new level that will enhance your cooking prowess across the board.
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31 January 2024

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