Pocket Art

By Lorna Scobie

Book cover image - Pocket Art
Pocket Art features100 art activities to do on your daily art work-out. Bringing creativity into daily life, Lorna Scobie encourages you to react to the present, and to live more in the moment through simple, observational-based art activities. Through creative prompts and quick-sketches – which you can then use to develop bigger, more detailed artworks at home – activities will incorporate mindfulness, gratitude, skill-building and enjoyment, acting as a daily check-in for inspiration and creative play. Designed to be drawn into the book, and providing you with the friendly encouragement you need to explore your creativity and record your experiences, Pocket Art will build your confidence as an artist and is the perfect spring-board to create your very own sketch book.
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Publish date
07 April 2021

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