Romantic Irish Homes

By Robert O'Byrne

Book cover image - Romantic Irish Homes

Quixotic, often whimsical and definitely quirky, they provide a sanctuary from the Irish climate, which can be cold and damp. No wonder, therefore, that over the centuries Ireland's domestic architecture and interior design have developed a distinctive personality in which colour and vivacity are highly prized. Romantic Irish Homes presents 15 of the finest examples of the Irish home, each one of them distinctive yet sharing the same unique spirit. From ancient castles to sturdy Georgian manors and modest farmhouses, the homes featured here offer a unique insight into the Irish temperament and an exploration of a style of decoration that, while adapted to meet 21st-century demands, still retains an historic integrity. Romantic Irish Homes is every bit as charming and memorable as the Irish people themselves.

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Publish date
01 November 2023

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