Sensational Sharks

By Tim Flannery

Book cover image - Sensational Sharks
Dive into the world of Sensational Sharks with explorer and scientist Tim Flannery and his daughter, Emma, as they shine the spotlight on one of the world's most beloved and surprising creatures!

Have you ever heard about the cookie-cutter shark, which bites out cookie-shaped morsels of flesh from much larger animals than itself? Or the goblin shark, which was thought to have become extinct 100 million years ago until a living specimen was discovered in 1898? And did you know that the whale shark has jaws the size of a 12-year-old child?
The earth is home to over one billion sharks across 500 different species, and there's so much to learn about these ancient rulers of the ocean! With their extraodinary superpowers and senses of sound, sight and smell, these fearsome predators have fascinated humans since well before Jaws. Come along on an exciting expedition with the world-renowned scientist and explorer Tim Flannery and his daughter Emma, as they spotlight some of the world’s weirdest and most compelling creatures.

This gorgeous large-format picture book comes with lush, full-colour illustrations from renowned illustrator Katie Melrose, shimmering silver foil, and tactile grain lamination on the cover – making it the perfect gift for animal lovers and selachimorphaphiles (also known as 'shark enthusiasts') alike!

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Publish date
21 June 2023

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