Small Space, Big Living

By Sofie

Book cover image - Small Space, Big Living
When it comes to small space design, you have to make every last inch count, it's all about creating the perfect balance between form and function, and I am not one to compromise on either! Today's homes have a lot of functions to fill: entertaining space, office, tranquil retreat, home gym, kid's playground. With busy, multi-faceted lives, we need home spaces that are practical but also beautiful. A home should reflect our personality and lift our spirits, it should be a welcoming hug when you return and should feel easy to be in. If anyone knows how to make small spaces work for you, it is interior content creator, Sofie Hepworth. In 2020 Sofie designed and built a tiny home for her family of four, just 450 square feet was transformed into a stylish, practical and joyful family home. Small Space, Big Living distills Sofie's hard-won wisdom into 10 simple rules for small-space design. Say goodbye to cramped, crowded homes and hello to beautifully curated interiors that make living big easy.
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01 May 2024

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