Stamps & Stamps

By Kate Stamps

Book cover image - Stamps & Stamps
Be enveloped in the charming and traditional English-inspired aesthetic and the lovely world of soft colors that interior design duo Stamps & Stamps bring to their cozy interiors.

In their first book, Stamps & Stamps share their passion for historical references and attention to detail, showing you how to create a mood with floral patterns, brimming bookshelves, and overstuffed armchairs. These images inspire you to create your own personal sanctuary by layering your favourite objects and vintage treasures into your décor to create charming and compelling rooms. Above all, Stamps & Stamps show you how to make your home comfortable, as they believe houses are for living in, not just for looking at.

With a focus on Southern California, where they live, Stamps & Stamps specialise in designing, decorating, and restoring historic homes and gardens. From an Andalusian riad in Hancock Park restored and deco-rated for Ellen deGeneres, to a newly built old Cali-fornia ranch in Rolling Hills, to a collector's cottage in Pasadena to their own compound in South Pasadena designed around a Greene and Greene carriage house, Stamps & Stamps have built their style on an aesthetic foundation rooted in the past but with a lightness and wit that's very much of the present.

With its beautiful photography and helpful sourcing – an appendix details where to find the décor, such as fabrics, wallpaper, and lighting – Stamps & Stamps is sure to inspire you to embrace cozy and comfortable interior design, while showing you how to create a home that's easy to live in.
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Publish date
06 April 2021

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