Still Together

By Manoj Dias

Book cover image - Still Together
Still Together explores of the ways we feel detached from our lives, goals and relationships, and teaches us how we can begin to reclaim ourselves through mindfulness and meditation. 
While technology promises us constant connection, the sad reality is that we feel more disconnected than ever before. Expert teacher Manoj Dias takes us step-by-step through the core teachings of Buddhist meditation and shows how to apply this ancient wisdom to modern life. He provides the tools to help develop your own practice at home using mindfulness exercises and meditations, and shows us why cultivating wisdom is so important. 

Still Together will teach you how to apply these learning's to your life, enriching you with a deeper sense of connection to both yourself and the world around you. 

Including beautiful illustrations by french design duo Sacree Frangine (@sacree_frangine).

‘Still Together is the exact medicine that we need in these times of great change. Whoever takes this book to heart will experience a profound transformation.’ —Yung Pueblo, author of Inward
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Publish date
05 May 2021

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