Tequila Cocktails

By Hamlyn

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Get yourself into the party spirit with these fun, delicious cocktails and realise that tequila can be so much more than a slammer with salt and lime chaser. Tequila Cocktails is a bright and colourful guide to mixing cocktails using agave spirits that best showcase the true potential of spicy tequila and smoky mezcal. In this vibrant book you'll find over 50 recipes for boozy stirred numbers and refreshing frozen drinks, easy highballs, and yes, more than one spin on the classic Margarita, that are fun to create - and even more fun to drink! From well-known classics such as the Passion Fruit Margarita and Paloma, alongside fun twists and variations such as the Pink Cadillac Convertible and Maracuja, this is the perfect gift for your cocktail-loving friends! So, get your cocktail shakers at the ready, it's tequila time!
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09 July 2024
Food & Drink

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