The Daily Project Deck

By Molly McLeod

Book cover image - The Daily Project Deck
Make one tiny drawing a day for a week. Or, if words are more your speed, write one sentence of the same story every day for thirty days. Whatever medium you prefer, The Daily Project Deck will help you incorporate creativity into your everyday routine. It's easy to use – each Project card offers a specific creative exercise (make miniature art, write or draw one line each day) that you combine with a Time card to build a daily art challenge. Or, you could start with an Inspiration card, a more open-ended jumping-off point to help you develop a project idea of your own. The projects work across a variety of media, from writing to painting, and an introductory booklet provides additional guidance for successfully completing each daily challenge you attempt – whether it lasts a week, a month, or a year.
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Publish date
23 March 2022

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