The Food of Sicily

By Fabrizia Lanza

Book cover image - The Food of Sicily
For cooks and travel aficionados, the ultimate book of Sicilian home cooking recipes, written by Fabrizia Lanza, owner of the renowned Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school.

From Chickpea Fritters (Panelle) to Pasta with Eggplant and Tomatoes (Pasta alla Norma) to Fennel-Orange Salad with Black Olives (Insalata Finocchio e d’Arancia con Olive), Sicily boasts a culinary identity marked by dishes as storied and diverse as the island’s landscape. With its craggy mountain ranges, dense forests, foggy valleys, and turquoise coastlines all in one 9,927-square-mile island and a cultural background layered with influences from the Greeks, Arabs, and Romans, among others, it’s no wonder the cuisine of Sicily is as diverse. No matter the dish or its background, respect for the island’s ingredients always shines through. In the Food of Sicily, author and cooking school owner Fabrizia Lanza shares the rich traditions of Sicily with 80 time-honored recipes from across the island. Grilled Squid with Salmoriglio Sauce (Calamari alla Griglia con Salmoriglio) reflects the island’s coastal culture, Roast Pork with Mint and Garlic (Arista di Maiale) is hearty mountain food, holidays are represented with a Sicilian Cake with Ricotta Cheese and Marzipan (Cassata) enjoyed for Easter and the Christmas pastry known as Sfoglio di Natale di Ragusa. There are classic recipes, such as cannoli and sfincione (Palermitan pizza) alongside modern adaptations such as zucchini carpaccio and mackerel confit. With headnotes that give cultural and historical context, illuminating sidebars, ingredient profiles, and sweeping landscape photographs, The Food of Sicily will transport readers directly to the island. 
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04 October 2023
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