The Moonflower Monologues

By Tess Guinery

Book cover image - The Moonflower Monologues
Just as the moonflower dares to stand and blossom, growing bright and free in the shadows of the night, may these gentle pages inspire you to bloom, bursting with poetry, in the most unexpected of moments.

From celebrated Australian artist Tess Guinery comes The Moonflower Monologues, her second book of beautifully designed poetry and prose. This collection is many things: an exploration of strength and femininity, an invitation to let things go wrong, a reminder that growth comes in many forms, and an acknowledgment that “some things can’t be written in sugar, only salt.” Some of the writings are extravagant, some are sparse, but all are infused with Guinery’s introspection, stillness, and kindness.
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Publish date
27 October 2021

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