The Shortcut Cook All in One

By Rosie Reynolds

Book cover image - The Shortcut Cook All in One

A cookbook that makes classic recipes, faster, easier, tastier and simpler through cooking in one pot, pan or tray.

The second title in Rosie Reynold's The Shortcut Cook series, All in One shows people how to cook the food and flavours that they love, but without being tied to the oven – or sink – for hours longer than they want to be.

Recipes include chicken Waldorf salad, creamy mushroom lasagne, spaghetti bolognese, chorizo and prawn paella, frying pan pizza, whole banana miso and caramel bread, self-saucing chocolate pudding and more, all made in one cooking vessel.

Cooking crowd-pleasing meals has never been so easy.

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Publish date
07 March 2023
Food & Drink

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