Tiny Kitchen Feast

By Natalie Rodriguez

Book cover image - Tiny Kitchen Feast

Tiny Kitchen Feast is a fresh and exciting cookbook with more than 60 plant-based recipes, inspired by author Natalie Rodriguez's life on the road. As a trained chef and 'vanlifer', Natalie shows us that cooking in a tiny kitchen can result in bold, dynamic and 'un-boring' meals. 

Life on the road doesn’t mean sacrificing good food. Alongside her delicious and flavourful recipes drawn from her Puerto Rican heritage, Natalie reveals the lessons she’s learned while cooking on the road. Her easy and accessible recipes are proof that wholesome food can be made by any cook, in almost any space.
Start the day with a C.B.L.T. (coconut bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich), before moving onto tantalising appetisers like roasted-strawberry bruschetta and campfire-inspired grilled tempeh kabobs with miso-plum glaze. Natalie also provides new twists on hearty favourites like smoked poblano and Manchego mac 'n cheese, as well as saffron pineapple lemonade.

With practical tips, mouthwatering meals and insightful tales, Tiny Kitchen Feast will inspire you to not only eat well, but to live well too.

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Publish date
20 March 2024

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