Tokyo Cult Recipes (mini)

By Maori Murota

Book cover image - Tokyo Cult Recipes (mini)
Over 100 recipes for authentic Japanese food, along with Tokyo food-lovers' hotspots in an irresistible pocket format International bestseller now in new gift format! A celebration of food, culture and place, here are 100 dishes from Tokyo, the gastronomic megacity. If you want sushi, miso soup, gyoza, ramen, donburi, bento, tonkatsu, lotus root chips, mochi or a yuzu sorbet ... they're all here. Plus features on essential cooking techniques and key ingredients, making it truly Japanese food made simple. Author Maori Murota grew up in Tokyo and was inspired to write this book by her mother's cooking and memories of cooking at home and eating out. Her mission is to demystify Japanese food, to make it accessible and understood by anyone and everyone interested in learning about a food culture and eating well.
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Publish date
24 January 2024
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