Top Walks in New South Wales 2nd edition

By Ken Eastwood

Book cover image - Top Walks in New South Wales 2nd edition
Fully revised and updated, Top Walks in New South Wales 2nd edition is an accessible guidebook featuring more than 60 of the best walks across the state.
Author Ken Eastwood has walked every single one of these tracks and his book offers extensive track notes, tips, maps and photos. This latest edition contains six new walks to explore and there are walks to suit every experience level. Many are family friendly, but for those seeking more of a challenge, look for the multi-day walks for that sense of achievement.
There's never been a better time to strap on your hiking boots and see astonishing landscapes, from a mountain that’s been burning for thousands of years, to dripping rainforests, mountain summits, remote beaches and sacred First Nations sites. So get out and explore New South Wales and the ACT's many amazing tracks.
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Publish date
03 January 2024
Australia, Travel

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